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How Not to Lose Weight:

At this point in your life there's a good chance you've experienced informational burnout. You've read every book, taken every seminar, tried every fad diet all with one simple goal: To Lose Weight. How is it possible to be so well versed about 'how to' lose weight and never experience real results in your life? Now is the time to take a radical step towards your weight loss and consider the following: when is the last time I examined how NOT to lose my weight?

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A Simple Approach:

Now lets take a backdoor approach to thinking about weight loss and discover what it means to really change your life. Here are 3 surefire ways to NEVER lose weight:

1. Think weight loss is strictly physical.

As Albert Einstein informed us, "One cannot alter a condition with the same mind that created it in the first place." A common pitfall to creating great change is not seeing big picture clearly. If your struggle with weight has been based only on altering your diet and amping up your workout routine, then you're locked into the patterns of failure that keep you searching for answers. The mind is the core operating system of your entire physiology. By simple definition it is impossible to change the body without simultaneously changing the mind. So how can you break the cycle? The most powerful step is to make a decision. Decide that from now on your thoughts, emotions, and feelings all play a vital role in your path to weight loss success. Once you ingrain this belief deep into your subconscious, the ability to change your actual weight becomes as easy as the ability to imagine yourself thin.

2. Believe it's all about losing pounds.

Let's assume you've been interested in losing weight for quite sometime. This isn't a new deal for you; the overwhelming amount of information you've read all points to the same basic theory: you need to lose weight. While this may be true in the short term it most definitely is not the heart of the issue. You've been conditioned into this 'loss mindset' when the key to long-term results is actually about one thing, balance. Shift out of the loss-mindset and into the maintenance-mindset. The name of the game is maintaining a healthy weight that is specific to you alone and needs no comparison to charts, scales, or the model on the cover of a fitness magazine. Never fall into the trap of believing you're on a mission to lose weight. You're on a mission to sustain your health.

3. Subscribe to the notion that "There's an answer out there."

Your body is composed of close to 100 Trillion individual cells! Imagine if you put that many individuals into one room and claimed you had a system that will solve all their problems. This is a hurdle of modern weight loss perception. In order to reconfigure the dynamic structure of your physical body it will require a dynamic mixture of weight loss strategies. There is no ONE clear way that is going to carry you to your goal. Stay diligent in recognizing when you need to make a tactical change in your plan. Never lean on one particular program as this can lead to disappointment when you fail to reach your desired outcome.

So remember to use the tools you have. Begin to take logical steps in thinking differently about how to shed excess pounds, never get trapped in the weight loss game, and know that the perfect solution will come from your most trusted source, yourself.

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