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Over weight / obesity is a grave problem now in the present day world, particularly in the western countries. An overweight person is more exposed to health risks like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and high cholesterol etc. So it is always advisable to avoid obesity and maintain good health.

Many weight loss programs are available to enable a person to check his weight. But sometimes one cannot follow them properly as they are very confusing. In this situation it is better to check with various weight loss resources available on the net. They guide the overweight people to shed their weight methodically and in proper manner. Find out the various weights loss resources with some useful weight loss tips given below.

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Diet as a resource: Some websites use quick database to check calories in different recipes thereby enabling you to decide what food is right for you. From this you learn what to eat and how to eat healthy and how many calorie you need per day.

Tips: Avoid junk foods like pizza and burger, do not skip your meals, include raw fruits, vegetable and eat slowly to avoid weight gain.

Exercise as a resource: Mainly most of us exercise to lose weight. Some websites provide you reliable exercise equipment like DVD, books, aerobic equipment at reasonable price. Tips: Everyday 30 to 60 minutes of aerobic activity helps you to lose weight. Belly dancing daily for nearly an hour is advised for those having extra fat in the tummy. Prefer to walk rather than drive, climb on the steps instead of using an elevator.

E-books as a resource: They offer you very helpful tips for weight loss. They are better than the physical books as you can access them quickly.

Weight loss member forum: The members of this forum share their experience with others who face similar problems. They share their stories which provide useful tips for others to follow.

Online resource: Many online associations like American Dietetic Association, Diet-i, Aerobic FAQ and Collected weight loss tips etc. helped many people to lose weight through their valuable advice on diet, exercise and answering frequently asked questions.

Monthly newsletter: Some websites provide the readers with the latest news from the world of low calorie diet with regular contribution from renowned dietitians all over the world. They publish free weight loss articles.

Yoga as a resource: Practicing some yoga asanas like sun salutation, trikonasana and konasana help one to lose your weight naturally. They have no side effects and can be done easily at home easily.

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