3 Weight Loss Secrets: How Michelle Transformed Her Body

It was a simple decision.

Just 3-months is all it would take. Michelle had finally decided to get serious about her weight loss. She bought memberships to a health club, yoga studio and a fitness boot camp. She was so fed up with what her body looked like and how her clothes fit that she decided to take massive action. She started "eating clean". Gone from her diet were fried foods, alcohol and sweets.

With all of these changes she lost 21 pounds of fat in three months.

Very impressive.

But now she was ready to take her body to another level. She signed up for a bodybuilding competition. The duration of the contest and program was short. She decided that she was going to start a follow a weight lifting program - to the letter - for the entire duration. What were the results?

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I'll get to that in a second.

But first, it's important to understand why she was successful with her initial weight loss and body composition changes - prior to her starting her weight training program.


How was she able to turn her life around so quickly and so dramatically? She didn't have a goal of losing 20 pounds. What she did was break her goal up into simple daily actions. She knew that she needed to have a calorie deficit of approximately 500 calories every day to achieve her weight loss goals. So her goal was to do exactly what she needed to do each day. She knew that she needed to burn 500 calories per day and that if she did that she would reach her goal weight loss goal of twenty pounds in three months.

Her sights weren't set on the horizon but rather on the very next step of the journey.

That did the trick.

Public Commitment

Everyone in her life knew that she was committed to her weight loss program. Her children, husband, friends, family and co-workers saw that she was eating differently and had new exercise habits. She had told them all that this was how it was going to be. She told them all that she was going to lose twenty pounds and her goal was to do it in just three months. It was a foregone conclusion. Her motivations were so strong, her commitment so public, she had to achieve her goals or she would look ridiculous.

Next Level

So she had transformed herself from an overweight housewife into an athlete in a mere three months. Her new goal was to go to the next level. She wanted to be the best shape possible. She set a goal to get ripped and perform in a body building competition. The goal of standing before a group of people and competing to win a contest took her to still another level of fitness. She lost an additional eight pounds. She looked amazing on her the day of competition and won her weight class.

Don't be confused by this.

It doesn't matter if you don't want to compete on stage in a body building competition. What matters is that she made very public commitments to achieve an end result. She broke her goal down into daily steps. She took those steps.

She achieved her weight loss goals. You can achieve your weight loss goals too. All it takes is some small public commitments and having a game plan. Knowing what needs to be done each day and doing it will get you the body change and weight loss that you desire.


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