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Introducing the case for unhealthy fat and weight gain

When was the last time we got off from the comfort of our chairs and actually walked to our television to physically change a channel? I guess the manufacturers of these household electronic devices or gadgets are evermore innovatively collaborative in their quest to pamper us to our graves and we love them for doing so.

Hardly would you find visible operating knobs on household electronic equipments, this is because they all come with remote controls. We drive (walking distances) to buy news papers and even have the courage after all that to register for the gym which we attend once in a while to rid us off our guilt.

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We believe drug addicts who tells us we can eat any food we want, pop a diet pill or two and melt away all our excess fat away in 10 days.

We buy convenient take away food laden with emulsifiers and preservatives and we trick our mind into believing that everything is alright when we read the calorific value on the packaging.

Better still once we see the word diet on the packaging, we convince ourselves and our minds that all is alright.

Why do we buy household electric or gas cookers when all our foods can be eaten either from a packet or reheated in a microwave?

Our busy lifestyles are encouraging us to lose touch with some basic important factors in our lives.

We may not be able to do anything about modernity and the innovative trends in this age, where the life-cycle of an electronic gadget is almost obsolete even before it is launched.

But we can change some of our habits in order to draw on a balance which would eventually help us in our quest to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

To lose weight would require us to draw on a revamp of our mindset using these three basic approaches, and they are as follows:

what and how we eat how we exercise how we process information about the foods we eat

What and how we eat

There are numerous weight loss diet plans and dietary approaches on the market but the best are foods without additives. We call them natural foods. Great emphasis should be placed on the fact that we are all different in various ways and we really need to understand that a particular diet may not work for all.

The consumption of thermogenic foods like watermelon are ideal and this is how they work:- watermelon is low in calories but requires more energy to burn it so for that reason, it has a negative thermal effect on the body which means that it will aid the burning of excess fat in your body and this is smart. You are to find similar foods to incorporate into your diet to succeed in burning fat.

When we become selective in the foods we consume and associate value in understanding the positive effect it has on our body, we inadvertently enrich ourselves.

Also, proper mastication of our foods is good for our digestive system. Where we like snacking, our choice of snacks will be helpful to our overall weight loss strategy. For snacking, where we plan ahead, we can for example, store cut strips of carrots and cucumber in our fridge for snacking. This approach will eventually be beneficial to our weight loss regime in the long run.

There is nothing new in this article that we do not already know about weight loss. We also are aware that already bagged strips of carrot and cucumber costs more than a whole, which you would have to cut yourself. The choice is yours and the keyword here, lies with your plan and approach.

We know that we should drink water and not sweet 'diet' drinks. We also know that alcohol has high sugar content so if we want to lose weight naturally, then there are some hard facts which we will have to face concerning our lifestyle and exercise.

How we exercise

If you are able-bodied and can avoiding the use of a vehicle for short distances where you can easily walk, then that is what you do. Planning ahead of time eliminates the temptation of jumping into the car and riding off 300 meters to the shops to buy milk and pick up ones daily newspaper.

We waste away OR our muscles start wasting away when we do not exercise them. Cardio exercises are the best ways to exercise our muscles. The trick is to start slowing and build upon your previous achievements slowly.

Another form of exercise where one aids their body with blood flow is swimming. Swimming is regarded as one of the best exercises which engage all muscles in the body and is suitable for all ages. It also helps with co-ordinations, thus exercising the brain at the same time. 

How we process information about the foods we eat

It is generally accepted that healthy foods are boring and bland and this is all because of our associations with the foods we have become used to.

Furthermore, there is the myth that you can eat whatever you like and still lose weight with one of those quick weight loss dietary regimes.

Another myth which is ever so hard to avoid is that there is a 'one size fit all' approach for most weight loss programs. These weight loss regimes are prescribed regardless of age, weight, height, body mass index, blood pressure, and so on.

We all cannot look like the girls on the cover of glossy magazines even if we were on hunger strike for a year, slight exaggeration.

We therefore need to look within and fix our urges from hopping from one diet regime to the next but rather ask ourselves where we are going wrong.

A visit to the your general practitioner could even reveal an unrelated cause of your weight gain.

How we process information about the foods we eat must come from an approach which looks at convenience food as food laden with preservatives, and our preference to water over squash, sodas or 'diet' drinks.

Packaging is attractive so it is appropriate for us to look beyond all packaging and to condition ourselves as such.


Weight loss, program if they were to be implemented properly, should be tailored individually. This is because there seem to be many factors which renders us different from one another, even if slightly.

It is therefore important to select the best weight loss diet and plan which will suite your lifestyle or habit as well as all the other differences mentioned above.

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