How To Overcome the Disappointment of Weight Loss

When you first start out on a weight loss program you are motivated enthusiastic and ready to take charge of your life. You have your goals in mind and you start off on your journey to thinness. All goes great you are eating healthy, exercising, in a great frame of mind and the bonus is you see the scales tipping in your favor.

Then all of a sudden the weight loss stops! Well isn't that a slap in the face. The first thing you do if this is your first time around in the weight loss fight, is handle the shock of how could this happen. Then you start thinking about what you did wrong. Didn't you exercise hard enough? Were the portions you have been consuming too big? Did you count the calories wrong? When you can find the answers to these questions which would justify the issue then you are on a downhill spiral of disappointment.

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This is where most dieters fail. The job of losing weight is just too much for them. Then we as a general society who have all the care, compassion and support in the world for those that are trying to beat drugs, alcohol and smoking really don't put out a lot of support for the down trodden overweight individual. Yet this person is going through just as much psychological trauma in their own situation.

Sure there are tons of support groups for the overweight. People who are all in the same boat but why can't those who don't have a weight loss problem support those who do. The answer is probably because they don't understand the trauma that is attached to obesity because they have never experienced it.

So what is the next step past the first failure of the weight loss program? By the way, the failure is most likely not you unless you really did cheat the weight loss program you were on several times.

The next step is to determine why this happened. Do a review of all the steps you were taking to help you lose those first few pounds. It may be that you metabolism has adjusted to the new you and has decided to slow down. This is a common cause for the weight loss halt. If so then research what you need to find out to get it going once again.

Watch your mindset. This is the real culprit in your not being able to lose weight. Remember this when you are losing weight you are engaged in a fat war. In any war there are lots of battles. Some you win and some you lose. So learn how to make yourself a general that become proficient in battle. Only in this case the battle is your excess weight and you new to go back to the planning room and map out a new battle strategy. Its not a question of whether you can lose weight or not, it's a question of, are you a fighter or not?


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