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It is never easy when you are trying your best to lose weight. Perhaps I can make it just a bit easier for you with some of my "No Excuse Tips". They are pretty simple and can be a bit of fun as well.

I think we will all agree that losing weight is a serious issue however the methods we can use to lose the weight don't have to always be serious. If you try to make your task of losing weight a bit more enjoyable, then it will not feel as if it is such a task. The more fun you can have with anything, will make it less difficult.

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My tips will absolutely help you get rid of those calories, kilo's or pounds for good. However, you know as well as I do you will have to work at having fun when it come to weight loss. Whilst it can certainly be fun, it is still a very serious process.

1. Smaller Portions

An easy one to kick off with is to reduce the portion size of the meals you are eating. Serve your meal up on a smaller plate.

Most of us will always eat what is served up to us on our plate. Unfortunately it can mean you'll be eating past the feeling of hunger. Unless it is a fat free meal then you will be adding unnecessary calories to your meal.

2. Drink more water

Something as simple as drinking approximately eight good classes of water per day will keep the hunger pangs away and also keep you well hydrated. Quite often the body will mistake thirst for hunger and therefore you can place yourself in the dangerous position of eating more than you need to.

If you drink a glass of water before your meal it will reduce your feeling that you need to eat as much. Drinking the sugar free drinks like Diet Coke and Pepsi Max when you are feeling hungry is a good idea as well. They will tend to bloat you and reduce your hunger pangs.

3. Clear Out Bad Stuff

If you have foods in the cupboard that are not good for you then clear them out. Temptation is always harder if you only have to open the cupboard door and reach inside for those unhealthy foods in a moment of weakness. Next time you're out shopping, make sure you write out a list before you go and stick to it. Impulse buying especially for those nasty calorie filled goodies is not good. There are plenty of substitute treats can indulge in and you should in fact seek these out and eat moderation because rewarding yourself in the correct manner is motivational.

4. Weight Loss Pills Are Not The Bad Guys

Don't eliminate the thought of trying weight loss pills to enhance your program. Some people have a misguided view of the overall effectiveness of weight loss pills. Your body can do with all the support it can muster, in its journey to be slimmer and fitter.

There is a good selection of very effective weight loss pills on the market these days and they can certainly be used to support your goals. Decatrim weight loss pills is one of the more popular fate burner pills.

5. Park The Car

When you are out and about why not park a little further away than you usually would and walk the rest. Incidental exercise like this is always going to be good for you. When you add this type of mini exercise to your day you will be surprised how much it adds up and contributes to your overall fitness levels.

You never know who you will meet on the way.

6. Stay Positive

Don't let yourself get down. Bad days will come and go but the good days will become more frequent. In the beginning you will lose weight rapidly but as time goes by your weight reduction may slow down. It is very, very normal and you should expect it.

Remember this tip because your emotions and motivation can be effected if you are not expecting it. If you put on weight, you can become a little depressed, and to make yourself feel better, you may very well turn to your old eating habits. You will then become even more depressed and it may very well threaten your long terms weight loss goals.

7. Walk it Off

In my opinion the best time of the day is in the very early morning and it is also the best time for you to go walking. The body responds such much better to exercise before 9am in the morning. On top of that it is a great time of the day to be walking around your local neighbourhood taking in the ambience of the morning and the freshness of the new day. Get up and get out there, you won't regret it.

Of all the tips I have mentioned the one I would recommend you give some strong consideration to, is the use of one of the many weight loss pills on the market. Pick up a fat burner and add it to some good exercise, healthy eating and you won't look back. I can all but guarantee you they will surprise you, provide you pick the right ones.

Hopefully these weight loss tips will inspire you to take your program to the next level. won't happen overnight, but your weight will come off it you continue to work at it. Rewards are there for the taking.

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